Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken with Michelle Douglas & #Giveaway

Whenever life gets too hectic, this is my go-to recipe time and again. Thankfully, both Mr Douglas and I love it. J It’s really simple and it’s very versatile. You can mix up the ingredients for a bit of variety, leave some out if you don’t have them in the pantry, and add new ingredients if you’re in the mood to experiment.
My base base ingredients

The base ingredients need to remain the same, though. They’re:
·         ½ to 1 kg of chicken, diced (I’ve used both breast and thigh)
·         1 x jar of salsa sauce
·         1 x packet of fajita or taco mix

Spray the crockpot with non-stick spray and then add all of the ingredients and mix well with a small amount of water (about ¼ of a cup—I swirl it in the salsa jar to get all of the salsa out).

Now you can add the extras. These are what I usually use:
·         1 x red onion, diced
·         1 x carrot, sliced
·         2 x sticks of celery, sliced

Other ingredients that work well here include a can of corn kernels (Mr Douglas, however, isn’t a fan), sliced mushrooms, a zucchini, or even some diced pumpkin. Often I’ll throw in a handful of pickled jalapenos.
I forgot to take a picture once it was done! But here it is all steamy and fragrant while cooking.

An hour before serving I add a 400g can of red kidney beans.

Cook on slow for 7-8 hours, and serve with rice and a dollop of sour cream.


 About Michelle Douglas:
Making up stories of her own has always been one of Michelle's passions. She received her first rejection letter at the age of eight for Keri the Koala Baby, and has been writing ever since. A love of literature led her to major in English at the University of Newcastle where she recently completed a MPhil (Creative Writing).
She has worked an assortment of jobs. Everything from waitress at a wedding convention centre (where the staff oohed and ahhed over fairytale wedding dresses) to answering the complaints line at a call centre for a bank. All of which have provided her with endless ideas for stories.
Her own "happy-ever-after" came in 1998 when she eloped to England with husband Greg. They were married in Westminster – the town hall not the Abbey – lived on tinned soup for a month so they could afford to spend their wedding night in The Dorchester, and then flew out the next day to honeymoon in Paris.
She is a sucker for happy endings, heroines who have a secret stash of chocolate, and heroes who know how to laugh. When she's not writing she can usually be found with her nose buried in a book.

Michelle Douglas on the web:

Website        Facebook        Goodreads

She has a new book out:

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  1. That food sounds so good. I would totally eat that.

    1. It's so yummy, Mary, and seriously easy! Win-win. :-)

  2. Your book sounds great.
    So does your recipe! I'm a vegetarian, but I'd just sub some tofu.

    1. Sandra, you could just add lots more vegetables with the tofu too -- lots of sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, celery, zucchini etc. The sauce is delicious. :-)

  3. YeP sounds yummy, and i'll bet the house smells like a mexican restaurant!!

    1. I sometimes think the scent of food cooking is one of the best things about a slow cooker, Debbie! :-)

  4. That looks and sounds great. Always looking for new easy things to do with chicken.


  5. I love the recipe, thank you. I do hope the Prince of Keddah Jaleel turns out to be an honourable man.

    1. Glad you love the recipe, Barbara! And never fear, Majed is an absolute sweetheart. :-)

  6. Really compelling!
    Never heard about kidney beans though.

    Loved reading about writer. Sounds amazing personality with outstanding skills.
    I too love happy endings: )

    1. Baili, you could substitute other kinds of beans -- cannelloni beans or lentils -- for the kidney beans.

      P.S. Happy endings are the best :-)

  7. Looks really delicious and tasty. Greetings!

    1. Hello, Blogoratti. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Sounds like a grand recipe for my home grown
    Romas. A true delight.

  9. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  10. It sounds really simple and very tasty! I'll have to pull out my slow cooker and give it a whirl.

  11. This sounds like a good, hearty meal!

  12. Sounds simple, yet super delicious! It's a meal that I know my whole family would love!


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