Healing Chicken Stew with Pippa Roscoe

Healing Chicken Stew    

Having recently recovered from the flu, I rediscovered an old favourite that always hits the spot when I’m not feeling well. All in one pot and under an hour to make, it’s perfect for comfort and ease! I hope you enjoy!
Two chicken breasts
1 onion
1 large carrot
1 courgette
Salt and Pepper
Italian herbs
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 tin of Butter Beans
½ a pint of Chicken Stock 
Large glass of red wine


Cut the chicken into inch sized cubes and fry in olive oil in a large casserole dish. Once seared on each side, remove from the pan, add a little more oil and fry the onions, carrots and garlic until onions are translucent. Add a table spoon of flour, salt and pepper, and Italian herbs and stir for about thirty seconds. Add the red wine and let that simmer until the flour is dissolved into the beginnings of your sauce. Add the chicken, courgette, broccoli butter beans, chopped tomatoes and stir. Then pour in the stock and bring to the boil. When that’s been bubbling away for about five minutes, put it in the oven for half an hour, forty minutes, without a lid so the sauce gets nice and thick. It’s a delicious stew that you can serve on its own, or you could add rice, or a delicious hunk of buttered bread. (Also feel free to chuck in a handful of spinach!). 

About Pippa Roscoe

Mills & Boon author Pippa Roscoe lives in Norfolk near her family and makes daily promises that this will be the day she will leave the computer and take a long walk in the countryside. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t dreaming of gorgeous alpha males and misunderstood heroines. Totally her mother’s fault of course—she gave Pippa her first romance to read at the age of seven! She is inconceivably happy that she gets to share those daydreams with her readers.

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  1. Happy to hear you have recovered from the flu, it really feels like the pits and a comforting soup such as yours would be good for that but for any time. I am adding it to my list :) Thank you for that and for this interesting book review. Always enjoy a visit.

    1. So was I Denise! The flu is nothing to joke about. I hope that you enjoy the recipe and the book! Best wishes!

  2. Wonderful stew, and the book sounds good!

  3. sorry you had the flu but glad you were able to get better, my husband would love this

    1. Thanks Connie. You'll have to let me know if he does! Best wishes!

  4. This looks really nice.
    I'm glad you recovered from the flu.
    Best regards Irma

  5. Replies
    1. I'm a bit vegetable crazy so I tend to put far too many into whatever I'm making, but it never hurts! Best wishes Magda!

  6. I just got over the flu as well. This soup recipe sounds wonderful.

    1. My sympathies Suzanne, it's amazing how long it really knocks you down for, but I'm hoping that you're fighting fit again. Best wishes!

  7. Looks like another delicious meal! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    1. Thank you Jill! I Hope you had a lovely weekend too! Best wishes!

  8. It looks delicious! Fantastic post!

    1. Elena - it tasted delicious too! I'm all about paprika in my tomato based soups! Best wishes!

  9. Fantastic Recipe!

    lovely Greetings

  10. Wow perfect for a cold winters day which is what we are having today ,thankyou for sharing xx

    1. yes, but now spring.... I think perfect for a spring as well

  11. Hope, you are always better with your health.
    I like broccoli and chicken, I should try your recipe.
    Have a great day

  12. That soup looks good. Perfect for helping recover from the flu. Hope you are feeling better!


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