Amy Ruttan Shares Her Recipe of Bannock

I don't really have photos as I haven't made this in a while and I don't have flour (Pandemic problems), but I included a pic of one of my many campfires when I do go camping. When I do make it, I do it over a campfire as my Dad taught me. My Dad fried ours in a cast iron frying pan, but I have seen it done by using a long stick by forming the dough into a ball around the stick and roasting it similar to the way people roast marshmallows. I was taught to fry mine. This is a traditional Indigenous food in Canada. I grew up on this stuff in the summer when we'd camp. Traditionally, lard is used, but for those who abstain from animal fats oil is a perfect alternative. I do like to use oil over lard. Once they're fried I like to eat mine with jam.

I chose this recipe because it's a northern Canadian staple and there was a great little restaurant in Yellowknife where they made vegetarian egg rolls out of bannock. I'll never forget that, because I had never had that experience before and it was so tasty.


2.5 cups of flour
2 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp of sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
3 tbsp of oil
1 cup of water

Mix the dry ingredients and add oil and water so it doesn't stick to your hands. Let it rest for about 30 minutes.

Divide into equal portions and flatten them. Like thick little pancakes or you can wrap them around the end of your stick if you prefer it that way. Then cook them until they brown and are cooked through.

About Amy Ruttan 

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three children.
Life got in the way, and after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a romance author.

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  1. Thanks for this recipe, sounds great. And the book also looks good.

  2. I've never heard of this, but I always enjoy learning about new recipes, and I love that it's so simple to make. To fall in love with a doctor who happens to be a prince sounds totally divine! Air Hugs, RO

  3. You had me as soon as I saw the grill! Fried dough over the campfire is a magical thing.

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  5. Great post! 👏👏👏 Thanks for sharing! 😘😘😘

  6. Sounds simple and easy. I'll have to try your recipe some time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. i have always loved the flavor of cooking over an open flame!!!

  8. This sounds like a tasty treat- and I love the memories Amy has to go along with the bannock. I would love to try some. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like an intriguing book. :)

  9. Lovely recipe Sounds delicious and this book title and plot definitely caught my eyes Thanks for sharing them xoxo Cris

  10. That recipe sounds like just the ticket. :-)

    Greetings from London.

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